Where to Buy Backlinks? The Truth Revealed!

High-quality backlinks are arguably the most vital SEO ranking factor. The more quality links you acquire pointing to your site, the higher its search engine rankings can be.

However, it’s not just how many authoritative backlinks your link profile has—search engines factor in how you got those links in the first place.

Because site owners know how much a quality backlink could lead to high search engine rankings, some resort to buying links to overtake their competitors in organic search.

At the same time, Google’s algorithm has gotten more intelligent over the years up to the point that it can determine which sites are engaged in link building schemes and spam links. Those who got caught lost all their keyword rankings and could not recover their organic traffic, which is a fatal blow to their business.

So, before we answer the question asked in the title, we first need to talk about the question below:

Should You Even Buy Backlinks, to Begin With?

Google’s guidelines forbid site owners from “[b]uying or selling links that pass PageRank.”

PageRank (PR) is the internal metric Google uses to determine which site pages should rank on organic search. The higher the PR (on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest), the higher the site’s likelihood to rank on Google and other search engines.

Ideally, you must build links to it without buying them if you want to grow your site’s PageRank.

Still, site owners buy quality backlinks and are getting good results from them. To be clear, they’re not necessarily manipulating Google’s algorithm with the links they purchased. Instead, the links they bought were acquired ethically and aren’t part of any link scheme.

So, going back to the previous question: Yes, you may buy high-quality backlinks for your site. But to avoid an algorithmic penalty from Google, you must acquire paid links from the best possible sources and not just from anyone.

The last thing you want is buying backlinks from vendors at a high price, only to receive toxic backlinks resulting in lower rankings on search results.

And to help you avoid this from happening, below are places where you can buy backlinks from:

Online Forums and Groups

SEO forums like BlackHatWorld and various Facebook groups are viable places to connect with trusted members from whom you can buy backlinks.

The best thing about online groups such as this is accountability. Link builders are incentivized to do an excellent job to other members who will become their clients. If they don’t provide a good-enough job, clients can leave a bad review about their link building services in the group, thus lowering their credibility.

When buying backlinks from these sites, make sure you know the type of links you’ll be getting from each. For example, BlackHatWorld is known for offering services guaranteed to increase your rankings but are against Google’s guidelines.

So, if you know what you’re doing and have a risk appetite for crossing into black/gray hat link building territory, go with any of the services offered here.

Freelance Marketplaces

If you’re looking to buy cheap backlinks in the hopes of increasing your search rankings without breaking the bank, you may consider buying from link vendors found on sites like Fiverr.

For as low as $10, you can get bulk backlinks from sites with “high DA/DR scores.” Each vendor offers different packages depending on how many links you need.

Given that an authoritative link costs $361.44 according to Ahrefs, the prices on Fiverr seem like a steal, right?

Not really.

In this case, Murphy’s law says it best—if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Fiverr has received a bad rap over the years for providing low-quality links to clients. Isotropic is the most recent site that aired its grievances about the poor link services from one of Fiverr’s vendors.

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Aside from Fiverr, you could go with Upwork, a popular freelance marketplace where you can hire people to perform tasks for your online business aside from link building.

While Upwork has arguably a much better reputation than Fiverr, it offers a more remote working structure with you and the freelancer than Fiverr’s gig environment. You can also set project milestones that freelancers must meet before getting a certain amount of payment from you.

Link Building Service Providers

Agencies and companies that develop and implement SEO campaigns, including link building, are the ideal places to buy backlinks from.

The best ones have sterling reputations in the SEO community and their focus industries.

Also, they have a process in place that enables them to acquire high-quality backlinks at scale. That means each agency specializes in a different approach when building links.

For example, Linkplicity is a link building service provider with guest blogging at the core of our strategy. Others like Authority Builders focus on link placement from their lists of sites where they can insert client links on available sites.

Choosing the most appropriate one for your business will be critical to the success of your site’s SEO performance.

Tips for Buying High-Quality Backlinks from Vendors

The risk that comes where you buy your links from vary. But there’s ultimately no wrong place where you can buy links for your site as long as you know how to discern a good link vendor from a bad one.

Below are factors to look into when vetting which among the link vendors to choose for your business:

  • Always look for customer reviews – Testimonials from well-known people in your industry regarding the link building services of the person or agency can help make your decision much easier. Better yet, ask colleagues regarding the best link building providers they have tried and choose the one who was voted by your colleagues the most.
  • Focus on their customer support – You may have questions to the vendor regarding your pending links, or the links they built for you aren’t what you asked for. Either way, you should be able to reach out to them and receive a reply promptly. Look for a contact page or live chat widget on their site and test it out first to see how fast they’ll respond to you. From here, consider asking questions regarding your potential order with the vendor.
  • Get samples – It’s best if your link building vendor has with you a list of websites where they place a link to your site. However, there’s a good chance they won’t show you the sites they have. If that’s the case, ask for a few samples of links they’ve published for their previous clients. From here, you can see where the link is located, the site where the link was published from, and others.


As you can see, there is a level of risk you must know when purchasing links from vendors. You may skip the link buying process from your SEO strategy to avoid putting your site at risk of a penalty or at least wasting your money. But since all of your competitors are doing it, your site will be left behind on search results.

Also, you could build the links yourself to ensure that they’re white hat dofollow backlinks. But also consider the other tasks you’re doing for your online business—if you have a lot on your plate, it would be foolish to do everything on your own and spread yourself thin.

In this case, you need to buy backlink packages and allow a trusted link vendor to create backlinks that will grow your site rankings. Again, Linkplicity has a proven track record of helping websites rank higher on Google search through the contextual links via guest post outreach.

So, if you buy links from us, expect higher rankings on Google search once we’re done!


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