Frequently Asked Questions

We do 🙂

We have an internal team of UK and US writers who take care of writing the content that your link will reside within. All content is checked and edited by a proof reader before its sent to the website for uploading.

Unfortunately not.

We carry out manual outreach campaigns to find the best sites for our clients as and when the order comes in. We don’t work off a list of generic sites like most guest post sellers.

One target URL is allowed per guest post.

Adding multiple URLs only dilutes the link juice which is transferred to your pages.

No, you’re in full control and pick the anchor text and target URLS.

We use blog related keywords to find relevant sites for your target URL.

For example, if your target URL is about “dog food”, our website research team will Google a blog related keyword like “should you mix wet and dry dog food“.

This will return a list of relevant websites and webpages that we can reach out to and secure you a placement on.

We can’t guarantee that all of these websites will not have write for us pages.

From our analysis, the majority of sites that reply to your outreach messages do indeed have “write for us” pages on them.

However, that alone doesn’t make them bad sites.

We vet all sites to ensure they meet our strict criteria.

If for whatever reason, you do not want any links on sites with “Write for us” pages then we advise you to NOT order from us 🙂

Yes, we do NOT accept any of the below niches:
Adult, pharma, drugs like marijuana, gambling and any niches that promote hate or violence.

As we’ve priced our links at wholesale prices, we do not offer any additional bulk discounts.

There isn’t any magic number.

Some people believe its best to base it on the average number of links the top ranked webpages have in your niche, however, we’ve ranked plenty of sites with 70% less links that our competitors.

Like anything with SEO, quality > quantity.

Linkplicity offers quality links that you can count on.

Absolutely not.

All links are secured through manual outreach campaigns.

4 weeks in total.

For transparency, here’s a break down of what happens in each week:

Week 1 = Manual research to find the best sites based on your target URL
Week 2 = Sending out cold email campaigns to all of the sites we shortlisted
Week 3 = Once we find a good fit, our content team writes the guest post article/ proof reads it
Week 4 = Article is sent to the site, the link goes lives and the report is sent to you.


In the rare case that a link is taken down, we’ll replace it with a like for like for free.


Why use us for your link building?

Links from real sites with real traffic
Links that you can proudly show your clients
No private blog networks
No repurposed domains
No posts labeled as sponsored or paid
Excellent customer service

Our Customers, Our Success